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Jazsmin Lewis is the amalgamation of talent, beauty and tenacity.  With an extensive Hollywood career that spans more than twenty years, Jazsmin has proven herself as a musician, actress, and producer. More than a contemporary screen gem, as a philanthropist and mother, this industry mainstay can indeed do it all.

Born March 22, 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio, it was an aptitude for music that sparked Jazsmin’s journey into the entertainment industry.  As a toddler, Jazsmin mastered the piano, and by her teenage years, the child prodigy was a vocal virtuoso also playing the bass guitar and drums at a professional level.  Before graduating high school, Jazsmin was already performing as a background singer and bass player with various artists, such as Gladys Knight, George Clinton, The Ohio Players, and a host of other prominent musicians.  As Jazsmin’s skills enhanced, opportunities continued to multiply.

Destined for Hollywood, it was Jazsmin’s passion for acting that would lead to the longevity of her entertainment career.  Within days of moving to Los Angeles to pursue film and television jobs, the young actress landed her first role on the hit sitcom Martin, and soon after secured coveted parts on other popular 1990’s television shows, including Saved by the Bell, The Wayans Brothers, Eve, Living Single a recurring character on Moesha and a drama on ABC, "line of fire" and may other mainstream tv shows on all networks. 

As Jazsmin focused on building her thespian resume, film opportunities began to fill her schedule, including various roles in films such as the cult classics How to Be a Player, Three Can Play That Game and the award-winning feature Traci Townsend, making her one of the first African American actresses to play the title character of a feature film. 

In 2002, Jazsmin was cast in another career defining film Barbershop, where she portrayed the wife Jennifer Palmer to Ice Cube’s lead character Calvin.  Barbershop earned record-breaking numbers, and in 2004, Jazsmin was tapped to reprise her role as Jennifer Palmer for the sequel Barbershop 2: Back in Business, and Barbershop 3: The Next Cut in 2016.

In addition to Barbershop 3, Jazsmin  stars in two other feature films, playing lead roles in Grandma’s House, opposite Loretta Divine and Wendy Raquel Robinson, and For the Love of Christmas with Brad James. 

As an entertainment veteran, Jazsmin has developed her own production company called Feline Entertainment, where she is gearing up to direct, produce, and star in a new film entitled What Happened to My Life.  Only recently wrapping production on a controversial film she produced and starred in called "Welcome Matt" with long time friend Deon Cole and Tahj Mowry.  Most excitedly, Jazsmin begins production on her first scripted tv show she created and stars in call "my Sisters World". 

Jazsmin resides in Los Angles with her husband, Brien, and son, Christian. 

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