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Comedy Come Up is a TV series that gives exposure to local comedians, rappers, singers and fashion designers.  With a very specific focus on up-and-coming comedians.   The show goes from city to city all over the country to give all of these artists a local, national, and international platform on television.  I have discovered that is very difficult for talented comedians and artists to be in a smaller or more rural market and get the opportunities that are well deserved. With that being understood, I decided to open it up the industry and take my cameras to those cities to give them a chance to come up!  Comedians, ( up and coming as well as veterans) will have the opportunity to show their skills and be exposed to producers, directors and high- profile talent so they can land that movie or tour.  After 31 years in film and television, this is the passion project that makes me most proud.

TV Similarities:
Comedy  Come up is similar to DEF comedy jam, which helped make some of the stars that we have now! We will give up and coming as well as veteran stand up comedians the exposure needed for them to take their profile to the next level.

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